Pragathi Welfare Society

Pragathi Welfare Society (India) ( 80 G/12 A, FCRA approved) is focussed on poverty alleviation in marginalized through holistic development in education, women & youth employment, preventive medicine and community support.

Why are we doing this…

Growing up, we found ourselves surrounded by an abundance of resources and opportunities. There was access to quality education, extracurricular activities, and support of family and friends. In contrast, we came across large number of people every day that could not afford the basic necessities of life. Living comfortably, we were completely oblivious to the challenges faced by those living in poverty. It gradually dawned upon us that the combination of poverty and illiteracy had a paralyzing effect on their thinking, leading to a vicious cycle, one difficult to break through. In this scenario, to do nothing, we felt, would be inhumane. That is more so, when one is privileged and in a position to lend a helping hand. It did not take us long to decide to do our bit in helping out the underprivileged.

Pragathi Welfare Society (PWS) has been our Partner since 2015.