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It is no secret that higher education is the ticket for a better life. But due to poverty and lack of resources many students drop out after 10th class and Intermediate. Helping the needy to have access to higher education through scholarship is increasingly important to assist them in realizing their dreams.

Padala Charitable Trust (PCT) started Scholarship Programme in 2002 with a theme of ‘Encouraging Brilliance Among the Poor’. PCT identifies academically talented students who cannot pursue higher education due to financial handicap and encourage them by providing monetary and moral support.

To Apply PCT Scholarship

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Fill the details and email us:

Pctscholarships@gmail. Com


  • One of the most frequently Googled word is “Scholarship”.
  • Millions of needy and bright students are waiting for the financial support to pursue higher education.
  • Our goal is to identify them, provide financial support, empower them with employability & life skills and more importantly make them part of ‘PAY IT FORWARD’ cycle.


  • We have strict guidelines for scholarship applicant selection.
  • We support students only from government schools & colleges.
  • The selection process is unique to pick the most needy.
  • We inculcate values in our scholars by involving them in our other programmes as well. We have 2-3 interactive sessions & workshops every year to train scholars on employability skills & Life Skills.

Programme Approach

Selection Process

We have a unique selection process to make sure we identify the neediest. We don’t go by the income certificate from MRO office. Once we analyze the information in the application form in terms of academic record, family member’s occupation etc. we call each shortlisted applicant for a personal interview along with the parent/guardian.
Once the interview panel shortlists the applicant after assessing the applicant’s need, interest towards higher education and the parent’s financial status, there will be a physical visit to each applicant to physically verify the facts. This is when the Eligibility Verification Report comes in.

Eligibility Verification Report:

Eligibility Verification Report is the source to select an applicant for scholarship. The information provided in this report is very valuable and play major role in the decision to grant PCT Scholarship to the applicant.
We assess and guide in what level are scholars achieving the programme mission in terms of academic excellence, leadership and social responsibility. The vision of the programme is not only to provide monetary support but also empower them with employability skills and life skills.

Eligibility Verification Report (EVR)

  • The application must be from Andhra and Telangana states
  • All prior & current education must be in a government school / college.
  • The applicant must hail from a poor family with no other financial resources

Programme Impact

We assess and guide in what level are scholars achieving the programme mission in terms of academic excellence, leadership and social responsibility. The vision of the programme is not only to provide monetary support but also empower them with employability skills and life skills.

Interactive Workshops

We conduct 2-3 mega workshops to interact with all the scholars and train them in employability skills and we also inculcate volunteer spirit in them. In these workshops we conduct individual and group activities, public speaking sessions, guest lectures, spoken english and life skills.

Renewal Scholarship

The e scholarship is NOT renewed each year by default. There is a specific criteria to be met before the renewal is granted. We also make sure we reduce/stop the scholarship amount if there are any new financial resources the scholar has found by any chance.
We also drop those scholars from this programme who have backlogs for any non-justifiable reason.

The criteria to renew the scholarship

  • Has the scholar cleared all subjects with good %?
  • Has he/she participated in any voluntary service activities in the previous year?
  • Has he/she submitted all the fee receipts for last year’s scholarship amount?

Our Alumni are our Success Stories

We are very proud of our alumni’s success stories. More than 150 of them have settled in good jobs, few have joined non-profits and couple of them has become entrepreneurs. We invite our alumni each year as our guests to the scholarship programme. They occupy the dais and share their journey of ‘scholars becoming sponsors’ by being part of Pay It Forward cycle. They interact with the scholars and counsel them on career guidance, employability skills, opportunities around etc.

PCT Alumni in respectable positions

  • 5 are in medical field
  • 25+ are engineers (software, architect/ pharmacy/ agriculture etc.)
  • 20+ are teachers & lecturers
  • 20+ are in managerial positions at various private firms like banks
  • 7 are are various govt.offices (postal manager, constable, panchayath secretary etc.)


"With the help of Padala Charitable Trust I completed my Engineering and now working as a deputy manager for BHEL. “Paying it Forward” is the concept that I liked most. To help others same way I received it, I’ve been donating Rs. 10,000/- each year"

Mr.Vallem Veerababu


"It is shocking that only 0.1% are graduated with employability skills. So to Pay It Forward I’ve became a volunteer in PCT for conducting training programmes to scholars in employability skills and life skills."

Mr. Tarun Kumar


"I received scholarship from PCT and completed my education. They gave me financial support and increased my confidence level. I owe my life to this organization that helped me stay on this level. I will do what I can do"

Mr. Ravi Teja

Civils Preparation

"Along with the monetary support I also learnt lot of life skills and values from PCT. I have been applying these in my professional and personal life. Because of my honesty, sincerity, punctuality and attitude I have received two increments in two consecutive years."

Mr. Nageswara Rao

Accountant, VS Engg. Pvt. Ltd

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