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In every corner of America and all over the world, intelligence and energy are evenly distributed whereas the opportunity, investment and effective organizations are not. As a result billions of people are denied the chance to live their lives to the fullest and millions die each year needlessly – Bill Clinton in his book “GIVING”

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Even more severe problem is not realizing the existing opportunities around. Career Guidance is very much required at school level for these three reasons:

  • The students need to be aware of educational training and occupational choices that exist beyond the school level so that they can move forward from a general understanding of things to specific understanding.
  • They need to be well educated of employability skills required to be eligible for any job opportunities. Mere scoring of marks and grades will not help them to be employable.
  • Some students have different dreams of becoming someone but have no clue about the path how to reach there. Also, few have issues in identifying their own talent and interest so may chose a wrong career path. Proper career guidance at school level (8th, 9th, 10th class) is the most important factor to help the students plan and succeed in life the way they want.

Padala Charitable Trust understands this gap in the system and came up with a unique Idea called Project SETHU (A Bridge to your career) to counsel the students from schools and junior colleges.

Facts and figures ( Problem is BIG)

  • 85% of students are not completely aware of the options they can choose beyond 10th class (India Today Survey)
  • 92% don’t get any career related guidance from schools (India Today Survey)
  • 46% educators feel that students and parents are very much stressed about career related decisions (Business Time)
  • 76% of the young people feel that their school only prepared them to pass exams and not to prepare for the world of work (Young enterprise firm report)
  • 95% of businesses are struggling to recruit candidate with right skills (Young enterprise firm report)
  • A Huge need in high schools: Millions of schools are in need of career guidance workshops for their student’s bright future. Lakhs of students are appearing for 10th class examination every year. There are thousands of parents who need to understand how they can help their wards with career path
  • Traditional methods need upgradation: There is immense scope and growth for career counseling with the changing time & technology in the education industry. Conventional ways of simple sharing of information doesn’t effectively work. The students have to really be inspired and empowered.

Programme Approach- Module Based

Type of Presentation: Audio Visual

Module 1:

As part of Module 1 we cover the following key areas,

  • How to take right decisions at right time to end up in the best suited career.
  • Team work is an important skill to win any situation and move forward with different people.
  • Importance of goal setting and why & how to choose a goal based on one’s interest and skill set.
  • How important is to organize time to avoid stressful life while working on our goals.

Module 2:

In this module we address the following aspects,

  • Through audio visuals, we share success stories of people who made wonders with their creativity.
  • Importance of Effective Communication skills – Oral, Written as well as nonverbal (body gestures).
  • Every Profession is respectable – There is no small or big profession. It all depends on what passion you do it with. Every profession is unique and important in society.

Module 3:

In this module, we cover the following concepts,

  • Students should be physically & mentally strong enough to face tough situations in life.
  • Failure is an event but not a person. A person never fails because there is always tomorrow to try it again and opportunities open up every single day.
  • We encourage students to maintain clarity of thought before they choose their career.
  • Different kinds of career options are shared with the help of a career chart for each career/profession.

Our Mission

The high school and junior college students need to be empowered with the required knowledge and skills so that they can choose the career path best suited to their interest and talent.

Expected Outcome

  • Improved understanding of SWOT analysis (Focus on Strengths and Opportunities rather than Weaknesses and Threats).
  • Will be able to make best possible choice of stream for higher education after 10th class.
  • Become aware of all career options available in market as per academic choices and interest.
  • Be aware of alternate career options if they decided to change their stream in future for some reason.
  • Focus on Employability Skills rather than mere marks and grades.


"Now, I am pretty much comfortable with how to take decision with DECIDE formula. I will work on my daily routine and career "


"I understood that whatever career we may choose we must have interest and necessary skills to achieve a goal "


"Organization of tasks, plan and prioritize the actions within time schedule is very important to reach the goal in a smart way "


"I am very poor in studies. I always thought that only academic marks will decide our career. But now I realized my interest and passion with minimum marks can achieve a bigger goal"


" Creativity begins with our own problems. I am not good in academics but with my ideology & Skill I will definitely crack my goal very easily "


"I was only aware of three professions Doctor, Teacher, Engineer. But Today I realized that every profession is unique and great "


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