Sathya Kiranam Charitable Trust

Service is more meaningful when it is done to the needy and deserving poor people in the Society at large. When one serves for the well being of the deserving people in the Society, their minimum needs are taken care off, they will become integral part of the society, which will in turn develop the Society and country at large. With this small aim of helping the poor people, like-minded persons with philanthropic background have started the Trust to initiate charitable and welfare activities to the most deserving people in and around Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. SKCT officially registered in the year 2014.

Since its inception, the Trust is conducting lot of welfare activities in and around Rajahamundry. SKCT is winning the hearts of many people and became one of the reliable local Charitable Trusts. Sathya Kiranam Charitable Trust (SKCT) has been our Partner since 2014.

As part of this project, SKCT has adopted 15 children from ZP High Schools of Rangampeta East Godavari District, AP.


Project Reports