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World is racing in the path of progress through science and technology. At the same time the human society has some intrinsic impediments to its own forward journey in the form of superstitions, age old customs, misbeliefs and cultural taboos. We, SWECHHA Team at Padala Charitable Trust have given our attention and concentration towards the plight of adolescent girl child in rural population.

The journey of SWECHHA has begun on the day of December 9th in 2015 towards discussion about adolescent girl child in remote rural parts of Andhra Pradesh.

The journey towards the protection of health and hygiene by advocating to shirk away from age old unscientific blind beliefs that are deeply rooted in the mind-set of rural population and also to explain the emotional changes during adolescence. At the outset it all started to ‘’talk’’ by breaking the silence and the hushed down queries about menstrual hygiene and emotional imbalance during adolescence in girls.

  • To end silence
  • For better thinking process
  • For liberation from common superstitions
  • For cleanliness and hygiene
  • For infusing self confidence
  • To provide mental strength
  • To march forward by breaking the chains of cultural taboos

Problem ( Facts and figures)

  • 82 % of the girls think period is impure.
  • 42% of the girls not feel comfortable to go to school during their periods.
  • 47% of the girls are still using cloths during their menses.
  • 44% of the girls have no idea about how to dispose a sanitary napkin.
  • 39% of the girls have no idea about personal hygiene during menses.
  • 77% of the girls have no idea about good nutrition.
  • 28% of the girls using pain killers for period cramps.
  • Adolescence is as well the stage for mental maturity. The hormonal changes and environment around will have amplex interaction leading to mental confusion.
  • There is huge generation gap between adolescents and society due to working parents, lack of quality parenting, academic stress and so on.

Our Mission & Vision

  • We Ensure our session should be interactive
  • We Promote Biology behind Menstruation & Menstrual Hygiene
  • We Promote Good Nutrition
  • We help adolescent girls to cope up with Emotional & Mental Changes.
  • We counsel them with required life skills
  • For sustainability We do provide SWECHHA – Handout
  • We Train NGO Volunteers for sustainability


"I thought Menstruation is impure and dangerous but now after hearing this session I strongly believe that it is a normal body Process. Swechha Programme is very useful programme to every girl"

90% of the girls feedback

"In my village we felt very shy to even purchase a sanitary pad. We use a bad cloth during our periods which leads to dangerous health problems. Now I got enough knowledge to change my self and also I promise I will let me mother also follow the same"

80% of the girls feedback

"I will not let my children know about these taboos. I will teach them about natural process. I will act as a change agent for next generation"

60% of the girls feedback

"We need to see a day when mature (Puberty) functions are not held for girls anymore. Then only we can assume all the parents and girls aware about natural process of menstruation."

30% of the girls feedback

"Now I realized difference between Love and attraction. From now on I will select a good peer for positive impact in my life"

75% of the girls feedback

Success stories

ZPHS Manjeru,AP

“After Phase 1 Session I gave the swechha handout to my mother and I let her read the book. After gaining enough knowledge from the book, She understood the whole biology of menstruation and realized that menstruation is normal process and also promised me to give full freedom during my menstrual cycle.”

-Sri Bhushanam, Head Master, ZPHS, Ithapudi

“I observed a lot of change in our school girls after Swechha session. No more absentees in their menstrual period so attendance percentage increased. All the girls following hygiene principles like hand wash, hygiene in wash room etc. We saw a drastic positive impact after Swechha programme”

KGBV Keshampeta, TS

“After we got enough knowledge from SWECHHA phase 1 session we formed a hygiene team in our hostel and we stick some placards on our wash room doors to maintain hygiene in wash rooms. Slowly everyone changed their attitude, no one throwing pads in wash rooms”

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