Empowering The Orphans & Semi Orphans Through Education & Mentoring

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Project Vaaradhi selects children who are orphans or semi orphans from rural/urban government schools. It is designed to empower this section of underprivileged children by providing 360° care until they complete education.

Project Vaaradhi is designed for empowering this class of overlooked children through education and care. We select children who are orphans or semi orphans from rural/urban government schools and we take care of them with complete educational and personal needs. Except shelter, we provide everything for them. This project has been changing the lives of many underprivileged students in government schools.


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Problem – A totally isolated group of underprivileged children

  • The root cause of this situation is due to the death of AIDS infected parents, broken families and hence the absence of love and security at home.
  • They don’t have any clue about government schemes that they are entitled.
  • They have no idea about their rights and opportunities that they can avail.
  • Frequent dropouts of both boys and girls happen in the age group of 11-15 years and most of these dropouts end up as daily labourers.
  • Early marriages in girls lead to miscarriages and stressful life.
  • Very high unemployment rate because lack of employability skills.
  • All the energy they have at this tender age is diverted to the wrong side leading to high rate of suicides, organized crime and prostitution for survival, ultimately producing more orphans.


A world where everybody enjoys equal rights with basic needs and lives to the fullest. Poverty should not stop someone’s dreams.


Mainstreaming the orphan, semi orphan in nation building by providing care, support, protection and counseling. At right age.

Strategic Objectives

  • We provide Basic Needs at school and at Home
  • We take care of complete medical Care
  • We empower them with Life Skills ( WHO Recommended 10 core Life skills) & Career Guidance
  • We promote menstrual hygiene awareness for girls
  • We train them with employability skills (public speaking, spoken english, computer skills and career guidance)


"My life can be seen as before and after Project Vaaradhi. Now I am enough confident to speak out in the class room and I am able to dream my future in a positive way"

Varun Tapasya


" Project Vaaradhi encouraged me for NMMS competitive exam for scholarship. I was selected for the NMMS scholarship and I am receiving rs.12, 000/- per year for my education"

Alla Prasad


" I observed difference between vaaradhi students and remaining students in the class room. Vaaradhi students are more confident & have more skills than the other students. All this happened because of Project Vaaradhi"

N Yesudasu

Head Master

"The beauty of this project is “it doesn’t stop by giving fish, it also teaches children how to fish (Life Skills, Employability skills, Menstrual hygiene, spoken english etc.) which will let them experience the reality of life and learn new things by"

Mr. Sriram


" I am a widow and I don’t have any financial support from my family. So I always thought my daughter is a burden to me and wanted to get her married. But Project Vaaradhi supported a lot and protected my daughter from child marriage"

A Mother


Our Partners

We would like to thank our partners for their generous support in helping us making a difference to these underprivileged children

Success Stories

“90% of the students continue their further education by the Project Vaaradhi motivation. Few Students got selected for reputed (IIT) colleges with their academic excellence. PCT also provides Scholarship to these students pursue further education.”
“Dropout rate is gradually decreasing year by year. We are continuing our efforts to make the dropout rate as ZERO”

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