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Project SADGURU (Honouring the Role Model Teachers) Puraskaram

The purpose of SADGURU Puraskaaram by Padala Charitable Trust is to identify and honour the best and well deserving teachers from government elementary schools. The current system of identifying and honouring committed teachers by government has its own flaws thus failing in properly recognize the deserving teachers. This project implements a rigorous process to identify and recognize the teachers who strive very hard to make a difference to the children in their schools and in turn making a positive impact to the society on the whole.

Target Group

  • Teachers from Government Elementary Schools in East Godavari who teach Classes from 1st thru 5th


  • The role of teacher in overall development of the student in his/her class room.
  • The children’s feedback is the key in assessing the teacher’s eligibility for this award.
  • Personal track record which includes number of years of service.
  • Previous awards and recognition’s are NOT considered while evaluating the teacher.
  • The teacher must be a role model in all aspects

SADGURU Puraskaaram 2016

Honouring a good teacher instills a positive message to the peers than punishing a bad teacher

For Example, The MEO/DEO/Commissioner suspends a teacher for whatever reason, what happens next:

  • The teacher gets angry and he loses whatever interest he/she has in teaching.
  • He/she still gets half salary during suspension period, happily goes home and has more time to do whatever he/she wants to do in the free time and tries to get more political / official influence to recover the lost job
  • After 6 months or so, he/she gets back his/her job with full salary; So, who loses here? The biggest loser in this whole process is the teacher; who gets completely disconnected from the system and he/she may continue to underperform intentionally for rest of his/her life. If punishment is the only option, dismiss the person so that someone else will get the opportunity.

Instead under SADGURU project:

  • We identify the well deserving teachers and screen them through a rigorous vetting process to make sure we are recognizing ONLY THE BEST
  • By honouring these outstanding teachers not only do we encourage those awardees to do even more, but also, more importantly, these real life achievements motivate several more of their peers and encourage them to replicate what these awardees implemented and become role-models to some more teachers
  • All the 100% of the awardees express their greatest gratitude for the Honour and it can be only be felt through their voices and feelings
  • This project was started in 2015. Published three volumes of  detailed success stories of the honoured teachers under the banner ‘Pillalake maa Hrudayam Ankitam’ in 2015, 2016 & 2017

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