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According to WHO (World Health Organization) “Life skills are the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal with the demands and challenges of everyday Life” Adolescence is a period when the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and all the capabilities are very high. However most of the adolescents are unable to utilize their potential to maximum due to various reasons.

Padala Charitable Trust initiated a Project Called SET (Student Empowerment Training) to impart life skills, leadership, and motivation in the high school students.

Observations From base Line Assessment– (with 2000 sample students)

  • 75% of the students never heard about life skills before.
  • <15% only believe the most valuable person in anyone’s life is himself/herself
  • 60% of the students cannot speak in front of the crowd even in his/her own classroom
  • If someone discourages any attempt to learn/do something, 20% will stop it immediately
  • 2000 sample taken from ZP/Govt./Municipal/KGBV schools

Problem is BIG

These are the typical problems we see in the current education system.

1. Underestimating oneself:

I don’t believe myself, lack of self- confidence. If I am from a Poor family or if I am a physically challenged person, I just give up. I focus more on my weakness (W), and threats (T) rather than my Strengths (S) and opportunities (O) around me.

2. Lack of Employability Skills:

This applies children from corporate schools too. I study, I score marks, grades, ranks and get a degree BUT I cannot speak with confidence, I cannot even prepare a simple Power Point presentation and I cannot express myself. I am NOT employable… How can an employer hire me? There is a different lack of employability skills in 80% of graduates today.

3. Stressful & Low quality education:

The whole system is madly running after marks and grades and no text book that teaches how to handle failures, manage stress, how to become a leader, and why I should be socially responsible person. This has to be changed.

4. Channelizing the energy:

Adolescence is the period in which students have lot of energy but if we don’t channelize it properly, that energy can go in wrong direction and become a threat to society. The youth will eventually end up in pick pocketing, anti-social activities, malpractices, suicide, sexual abuse etc. Life skills education can only help the situation. It strengthens the individual to meet the needs and demands of the present society. Programme like SET can help with this.


"SET Programme is an eye opener session to me. I was so involved during the talk about “Problem solving skill”. Which made me so happy was that I learnt there is no problem without a solution and every problem in life can be solved"

G Sri Kalyani

"My goal is to become a doctor. However, my father always wants me to stop education after 10th class. I used to feel very bad. Now that I know what self- awareness really means and I am responsible for my life, I will definitely become a doctor and serve the needy no matter what"

Veera Prabha

"Just like there is a general knowledge question on Kiran bedi’s name (First lady IPS officer in India), there will be a general knowledge question on my name"


"Now I realized that “ No matter how much marks, ranks we acquired – it is matter of how we are laearning and understanding things and applying the same to life to reach a good position in the society"

K Savithri

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Our Impact is greater because of our partners. We could not do it without them

Success stories

MOU with Degree College

“I use Testimonial Generator often. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I’m good to go. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. I could probably go into sales.”

ToT programme

“Fellow NGOs have been requesting PCT to train their volunteers in Life Skills in their regions. We have already trained 4 NGOs so far.”

Official Government Curricular

“For all our SET Programmes in different mandals we have been receiving Government support by providing official curricular to requested mandals/school. That shows how important is life skills for high school students.”

Train Govt. School Teachers

“We are also receiving several requests to train government school teachers. We are planning to launch a programme for this very soon.”

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