TANA Foundation India

“TANA FOUNDATION (INDIA)” is created and constituted as a public charitable trust solely for the purpose of being engaged primarily in the general, social, cultural and medical welfare of Telugu people in Andhra Pradesh without any profit motive.

TANA Foundation (India) expects to receive donations from NRI donors towards projects that will be beneficial for the Telugu people. NRI donors who wish to undertake projects in their villages, schools, colleges can channel their funds through TANA Foundation (India) and it will make sure such funds are utilized for the purpose they have been sent for. It will work with various orphanages, provide scholarships for the under privileged students in pursuing their dreams, carry out projects like health camps, eye camps, building of roads and / or community halls, creation of infrastructure/s to help communities, and all kinds of civil projects which help society in general, .and help education, scholarships, orphanages, old age homes, cultural societies, water / sanitation, vaccinations, helping health of poor and needy, help hunger, homes for poor and rescue shelters, help in cyclone and natural disasters like floods, etc. (this list being illustrative and not exhaustive).
TANA Foundation India (TFI) has been our Primary Partner since 2013.
As part of this project, TANA has adopted 551 such children from 66 Government High Schools of East & West Godavari Districts, AP.